Leadership Team

Our senior management team may be unassuming but they've been around the technology block a few times, starting with earned degrees in engineering, computer science and management. It is a team of those who share a passion for designing software exceptional enough to be enthusiastically embraced by users.

Co-Founder & CEO

Anatoliy Babayev

"… It was always heartbreaking to see people doing boring routine things which could be automated by technology, leaving more precious time to enjoy life. My technical and business education enabled me to succeed in a career bringing innovative software solutions to the market."
Co-Founder & VP

William Anllo 

"... An MBA doesn't stress it enough. Whether selling cold cuts, running a hotel, writing software, managing real estate, or providing online services, I haven't found a better way to succeed than with great customer service. And the higher you take it, the more fun you enjoy!"
Chief Software Architect

Alex Darovskih

"... My previous experience building sophisticated payment processing systems has uniquely enabled me to take mobile apps, which have become a true passion, to the highest levels of advanced capabilities."